Sound is interrupted or noise occurs

During playback from the Internet radio or USB flash drive, sound is occasionally interrupted.

When the transfer speed of the USB flash drive is slow, sound may occasionally be interrupted.

The network communication speed is slow or the radio station is busy.

When making a call on mobile phone, noise occurs in audio output on this unit.

When making a call, keep a distance of 20 cm or longer between mobile phone and this unit.

Sound cuts out when using Wi-Fi connection.

The frequency band used by the wireless LAN is also used by microwave ovens, cordless telephones, wireless game controllers and other wireless LAN devices. Using such devices at the same time as this unit may cause sound to cut out due to electronic interference. Sound cut out can be improved using the following methods. link
- Install devices that cause interference away from this unit.
- Turn off the power supply to devices that cause interference.
- Change the settings of the router channel to which this unit is connected to. (See the instruction manual of the wireless router for details on how to change the channel.)
- Switch to a wired LAN connection.

Particularly when you play back large music files, depending on your wireless LAN environment, the playback sound may be interrupted. In this case, make the wired LAN connection. link

Sound is interrupted or noise occurs.

The “Lock Range” setting in the menu is too narrow. Broaden the “Lock Range” setting while listening to music until the music sounds normal. link

When playing a record, the sound is distorted.

Adjust to a proper needle pressure.

Check the tip of the needle.

Replace the cartridge.

When playing a record, a humming noise comes out of the speakers.

Check that the turntable is connected correctly. link

If there is a TV or AV device near the turntable, such devices may affect the playback sound. Install the turntable in a location as far away as possible from the TV or other AV devices.

When playing a record, a humming noise comes out of the speakers when the volume is high. (Howling phenomenon)

Install the turntable and speakers as far from each other as possible. link

The vibrations from the speakers are being transmitted to the player through the floor. Use cushions, etc., to absorb the speakers’ vibrations.

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