Network Control

Enables network communication in standby power mode.


Network is on during standby. Main unit operable with a network compatible controller.

(Default) :

Suspend network function during standby.

When using the HEOS App, use with the “Network Control” setting set to “On”.

Although the setting is “Off” when purchased, it turns “On” automatically when the next operation is performed.

Paring with a Bluetooth device

Wireless LAN connection

Connect a LAN cable to the NETWORK connector

Once the setting is made in the setting menu, the setting will not be switched automatically even if the above operations are performed.


When “Network Control” is set to “On”, the unit consumes more standby power.

When the input source is set to “PWR AMP” and this unit is switched to standby mode, the network function of this unit is disabled during standby even though “Network Control” is set to “On”.

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