Play a song from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on multiple synced devices (AirPlay 2)

Songs from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad operating iOS 11.4 or later can be synced with multiple AirPlay 2 supported devices for simultaneous playback.

Play the song on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

AirPlay icon is displayed on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad screen.

Tap the AirPlay icon.

Displays a list of devices/speakers that can be played back on the same network.

A circle is displayed to the right of AirPlay 2 compatible devices.

AirPlay 2 Marantz_image1
Tap the devices/speakers you want to use.

Multiple AirPlay 2 compatible devices can be selected.

Volume can be adjusted for each device individually or for all synced devices simultaneously.

AirPlay 2 Marantz_image2

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