I want to listen to high sound performance playback

The network and USB memory playback (USB-A) functions can be stopped to prevent noise that affects the sound quality. Set “Network & USB-A” to “Off” in the menu. link

The Wi-Fi function can be stopped to prevent noise that affects the sound quality. Set “Off” to the “Wi-Fi”. link

Stopping Bluetooth function reduces a source of noise that affects sound quality, enabling higher sound quality playback. Set “Off” to the “Bluetooth”. link

I want to adjust the tone myself

Use the BASS, TREBLE and BALANCE knobs to adjust the sound as desired. link

I want sound playback that is faithful to the original sound

Set the source direct mode on. link

I want to play TV audio at higher quality

Connect the HDMI terminal of your TV that supports the ARC function to the HDMI ARC terminal of this device and switch the input source to HDMI ARC. link

If you are using a TV that does not support the ARC function or a TV that does not have an HDMI terminal, the TV audio can be played by this device using an Optical or Coaxial

Only 2-channel linear PCM can be input as the digital audio signal to this unit.

I want to prevent this unit from going into standby by linking to the power off operation of an HDMI connected TV

Change the “HDMI Power Off Control” setting to “Off”. link

I want to switch the filter to change the desired sound quality

Switch the filter characteristics. link

I want to turn the display off

Press the DIMMER button to turn the display off. link

I want to turn the lighting LED off

Change the “Lighting” setting to “Off”. link

Simple operations in the power off state

Press the Button_PlayPause Mz button to automatically turn the unit’s power supply on and start playback of the last selected input source.

When the “Network Control” function is set to “On”, you can perform playback, or other operations through AirPlay or HEOS App. link

I want the volume not to become too loud by mistake

Set the volume upper limit for “Volume Limit” in the menu beforehand. This prevents children or others from increasing the volume too much by mistake. link

I want to operate a Marantz CD player with this unit’s remote control

Marantz CD players can be operated with this unit’s remote control. Refer to the instruction manual of the CD player too. link

I want to use this unit as a power amplifier

Connect a pre-amplifier to the POWER AMP IN connectors of this unit and switch the input source to “PWR AMP”. link

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