Remembering remote control codes from other devices

Place the Marantz remote control and remote control from the other device approximately 5 cm apart, with the remote control signal transmission sections facing each other.
Press and hold SET until the LEARN indicator blinks.
Press input source select buttons to select the input source.

The input source is shown in the remote control display.

Select the button to be learned.

LEARN indicator lights up.

Press and hold the button that you want to register on the other remote control until “OK” is displayed on the Marantz remote control display.

If “NG” is shown on the remote control display, perform step 4 again.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 to learn other buttons for the same input source.
When programming of the remote control unit is completed, press SET.

The LEARN indicator turns off, and the remote control unit exits learn mode.

There are some remote control units that cannot be programmed, or even if they can be programmed, they may not operate correctly. If this happens, use the remote control unit supplied with the AV equipment to operate it.

If the remote control memory becomes full, “FULL” is shown on the remote control display. If you want to learn the code, you should erase other learned button.


The learning function is unavailable for all ZONE SELECT, SET, AVR, POWER Power Button , VOLUME kurosankaku Sankaku-Reverse , SMART SELECT, SOUND MODE and input source select buttons in any mode.

If no buttons are pressed for approximately 1 minutes while in the LEARN mode, the remote control unit automatically exits from the LEARN mode.

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