Rear panel

Name Rear MCR612 small

AC inlet (AC IN)

Used to connect the power cord. link

Speaker terminals (SPEAKERS)

Used to connect speakers. link

DIGITAL IN connectors

Connecting to a device with digital audio output connectors. link

DAB/FM antenna terminal (ANTENNA)

Used to connect a DAB/FM antenna. link

USB port ( Icon USB )

This is used to connect USB storages (such as USB memory devices).

ANALOG IN connectors

Connecting to a device with analog audio output connectors. link

SW OUT connector

Used to connect a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier. link

AUDIO OUT connectors

Used to connect devices equipped with analog audio inputs or an external pre-main amplifier. link

NETWORK connector

Used to connect to a LAN cable when connecting to a wired LAN network. link

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