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By default, this unit has recommended settings defined. You can customize this unit based on your existing system and your preferences.

Setting items

Detailed items




Volume Limit

Make a setting for maximum volume. The volume cannot be increased above this setting.

H/P Amplifier Gain

Set the gain of the headphone amplifier. By setting according to the impedance of your headphone, you can enjoy playing headphones at an appropriate volume.

Speaker Configuration

The speaker output characteristics are changed and settings are configured according to your speakers.

Amplifier Mode


Audio Out

You can set the analog audio output volume to “Fixed” or “Variable”.

Setting items

Detailed items

Description/Detailed items




Sets the timer playback.


Sets the current time.

Clock Mode

You can display the time when in standby by setting the clock mode.

TV Input

Set this when playing audio from a TV on this unit.

IR Control

Assign operations on this unit to the remote control of your TV. This enables you to operate this unit with the remote control of your TV.

CD Auto Play

Set whether to automatically play a disc when the disc is inserted.


You can set front panel illumination to on or off.


Sets the language for display the menu.


Sets the unit power to standby when the unit is not in use.

Usage Data

Selects whether or not to send anonymous usage data to Marantz.


Set whether or not to check for firmware update, update the firmware, and display update and upgrade notifications.

Check for Update


Allow Update

Upgrade Notification

Add New Feature


Displays notifications. Also, sets whether or not to display the notification when the power is turned on.

Notification Alerts

Check for Notifications


Various settings are reset to the factory default values.


Network Information

Displays various information about the network.


The Wi-Fi function can be stopped to prevent noise that affects the sound quality.


Stopping Bluetooth function reduces a source of noise that affects sound quality, enabling higher sound quality playback.

Network Control

Performs the on/off settings for the network function when in standby mode.

Friendly Name

Edits a name displayed on the Internet.


Choose whether to connect the home network to a wireless LAN or a wired LAN.



Use the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) function to connect to a network.


Share Wi-Fi setting from an iOS device

WPS Router



Use a LAN cable to connect to a network.


Used for manually setting the IP address.


IP Address∗1

Subnet Mask∗1





Used to check the network connection.

Physical Connection∗2

Router Access

Internet Access

Displayed when the “DHCP” setting is “Off”.

When connected using a wireless LAN, “Connection      Wireless (Wi-Fi)” will be displayed.

Setting items

Detailed items




Tuning Aid

Displays the reception intensity for DAB antenna installation.

Station Order

Sets the order of broadcasting stations to be displayed.

DRC (Dynamic Range Control)

Sets dynamic range control.

DAB Initialize

Resets the DAB modules.

DAB Version

Displays DAB module version.

HEOS Account

【When the user is signed out the HEOS Account】

I have a HEOS Account

Selects to sign in.

Create Account

Creates new HEOS Account.

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten the password, an email explaining how to reset the password will be sent.

【When the user is signed in the HEOS Account】

Signed in As

Displays your HEOS Account.

Change Location

Selects your location.

Change Password

Changes your HEOS Account Password.

Delete Account

Deletes your HEOS Account.

Sign Out

Sign out of your HEOS Account.

Quick Setup

Performs the network settings using a Wizard style window.
For details on the operations, see the separate “Quick Setup Guide”.

This is displayed when the input source is set to “DAB”.

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Ope Menu RC014CR

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