No sound comes out

No sound is produced. Or sound is distorted.

Check the connections for all devices. link

Insert connection cables all the way in.

Check that input connectors and output connectors are not reversely connected.

Check cables for damage.

Check that speaker cables are properly connected. Check that cable core wires come in contact with the metal part on speaker terminals. link

Securely tighten the speaker terminals. Check speaker terminals for looseness. link

Check that the proper input source is selected. link

Adjust the volume. link

Cancel the mute mode. link

Check that the correct input source is selected when audio is being input to this unit from an external device. link

Check the digital audio output setting on the connected device. The initial settings may be off depending on the device.

No sound is output from the speakers, the subwoofer or audio output when headphones are connected. link

Do not input non-PCM signals, such as Dolby Digital and DTS. This causes noise and could damage the speakers.

To playback via a Bluetooth connection, perform pairing between this unit and the Bluetooth device. link

It may be that only speaker A or speaker B is selected. Make sure the speakers are correctly connected then push the SPEAKER A/B button to check. link

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