Desired sound does not come out

No sound comes out of a specific speaker.

Check that speaker cables are properly connected. link

Adjust the BALANCE control knob. link

No sound is produced from subwoofer.

Check the subwoofer connections. link

Turn on the subwoofer’s power.

The settings of the BASS, TREBLE and BALANCE knobs are not applied.

Press the SOURCE DIRECT button to turn off source direct mode. link

The left and right of stereo sound is reversed.

Check whether the left and right speakers are connected to the correct speaker terminals. link

Sound is not correctly output from the power amplifier connected to the PRE OUT connectors.

Check the power amplifier connections. link

The audio signal is not outputed from the PRE OUT connectors when the speaker output setting is off. Set the speakers A/B output. link

The volume of the audio signal from the PRE OUT connectors is linked to the speakers A/B volume. Adjust the volume to a suitable level. link

Sound is not correctly output from the pre amplifier connected to the POWER AMP IN connectors.

Check the pre amplifier connections. link

Check the the input source of this unit is set to “PWR AMP”. link

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