Rear panel

Name Rear MODEL50

Analog audio input connectors (AUDIO IN)

Used to connect devices equipped with analog audio output connectors.

SIGNAL GND terminal

Used to connect the ground wire of a turntable. link

Speaker terminals (SPEAKERS)

Used to connect speakers. link

AC inlet (AC IN)

Used to connect the power cord. link


Used to connect the input connector of a recorder. link

PRE OUT connectors

Use this to add such equipment as a power amplifier or subwoofer.

When connecting a subwoofer, also consult the subwoofer instruction manual.

Power amplifier connectors (POWER AMP IN)

Used to connect a pre-amplifier when this unit is used as a power amplifier. link

Remote control input/output connectors (REMOTE CONTROL)

Used to connect to a Marantz audio device that is compatible with the remote control function. link


Turn this switch to “EXTERNAL” to operate the unit by pointing the remote control at the audio device connected to this unit using the remote control connection. link

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