Setting remote control codes

Remote control codes are set between this unit and the included remote control. You can select one of the three types of remote control codes, and the remote control can be used to control the unit when the same remote control code is used. If three of these units are used in the same location, all three units can be controlled simultaneously using one remote control in the default settings. By setting individual remote control codes between a unit and the remote control, the remote control can be used to control only the unit that has the same remote control code.

Be sure to check the operation of each unit after setting the remote control codes.

The default setting is “AMP1”.

When remote control code setting is set to “AMP1”, the input source for this unit cannot be switched to “PWR AMP” using INPUT Button_INPUT up Mz Button_INPUT down Mz on the remote control. To switch with the remote control, change the remote control code setting to “AMP2” or “AMP3”.

Set the remote control cord to “AMP 1” when controlling this unit from a Marantz network CD player or other device connected using a remote connection cable to this

Remote control unit illustration

Ope Remote RC003PMND

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