Settings required for each device

You must make settings on DMC and DMS for Remote Play. Make the following settings. Also see the owner’s manual of each device for settings.

Settings on computer and NAS

Make settings on computer and NAS to exchange data with DMR devices.

For details on the settings, see Applying media sharing settingslink.

Settings on smartphones

You must install an application for DLNA music playback on your smartphone to perform operations on DMS and this unit (DMR) with your smartphone. The applicable application differs according to your smartphone.

Some smartphones support DLNA music playback with the factory settings. See the owner’s manual of your smartphone.

Settings on portable audio players

Configure the settings so that this unit (DMR) can play back music files stored on your portable audio player. For details on the settings, see the owner’s manual of your portable player.

Settings on this unit

Connect this unit to the DLNA network. You do not need to make other settings.

For the network connection, see the provided “Quick Setup Guide”, Connecting to a home network (LAN)link and Settingslink.

Remote Play operations

Operations are different for each device, but the procedures for preparing for Remote Play are the same. The preparation procedures are shown below.

Turn on this unit.

Make sure that this unit is connected to the network.

Display the music file playback screen on DMC.

For PC, open Windows Media Player 12, etc.

For smartphones, switch to the music file playback mode.

Select the friendly name of this unit for the item that sets the playback device on the playback screen.

The default Friendly Name of this unit is “Marantz M-CR511”.

Start playing back a music file on DMC.

The function on this unit automatically switches to “Music Server” and the Remote Play mark Icon_Remote play appears on the display. Remote Play starts.

Press White-Arrow-Left to exit Remote Play mode.


During Remote Play, you cannot perform playback operations with this unit. Use the DMC device for these operations.

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