Remote play function

You can use your home network to play back with this unit music files stored on PC, NAS, smartphones and portable audio players.

In this case, you use PC, smartphones and portable audio players for operations.

The relevant devices should comply with the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Ver. 1.5 standard.

A wireless LAN environment is required for playing back music files on smartphones or portable audio players.

For some smartphones, you must install an application for DLNA music playback.

Roles each device plays

The following devices are used for Remote Play. As specified in the DLNA standard, these devices are called DMC, DMS or DMR according to their role.


Device example


(Digital Media Controller)



Portable audio player

Marantz Hi-Fi Remote

Performs Remote Play operations.
DMC can also play back music files stored on these devices.

(Digital Media Server)


(Network Attached Storage)

Stores music files.
Music files stored on these devices are played back with DMC.

(Digital Media Renderer)

This unit

Outputs audio of music files played back through Remote Play from speakers. DMR cannot perform playback operations.

Files that can be played back

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