Simple operations in the power off state

When a input source select buttons, Triangle Right / Pause button or FAVORITES CALL button is pressed, the operation is performed at the same time as the unit switches on. (Basic operationlink, Favorite functionlink)

When the “Network Control” is set to “On”, you can perform playback, or other operations through AirPlay, “Marantz Hi-Fi Remote”. link

Simple operations for iPod/USB

When connected to the Front USB port, the Input Source automatically changes and playback begins. (Listening to music on an iPodlink, Playing files stored on USB memory deviceslink)

I only want to recharge my iPod

Connect the iPod to this unit when the unit power is on. Then turn the unit power off, and the iPod will continue to charge until fully charged. link

When connected to the Rear USB port, the iPod can be charged without the current Input Source changing.

Specifying the iPod track with the alarm function

Connect the iPod to this unit by USB and then press the MODE button to register your favorite tracks in the favorites using “On-Display” Then set a track registered in the favorites as the

When using alarm playback on an iPod touch or iPhone, set the iPod touch or iPhone to “Sleep” mode. If the power is switched off using the power off operation, alarm playback cannot be used.

Specifying the desired track with the alarm function

After registering the desired track in NAS, etc., register the track in the favorites and then specify the track in the alarm settings. link

Change to summer time

Select “General” - “Clock” in the setup menu and configure the settings. link

Changing or resetting the network environment

Prepare the provided “Quick Setup Guide”, and run Setup – “Quick Setup”. For detailed settings, run Setup - “Network” - Settings. link

Volume adjustment is difficult when using AirPlay or app operation, and the sound suddenly becomes too loud

Reducing the “Volume Limit” setting value (to around 20 to 30) limits the volume setting from AirPlay or an app to an ideal range and makes it easier to adjust the volume. link

I want to set the optimized listening environment after changing the configuration/position of the speakers or changing a speaker to a new one

Select Setup – “General” – “Speaker Response” and configure the settings. link

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