High quality sound

16-channel switching power amplifier module

A switching power amplifier is used to achieve a high output of 200W per channel (8Ω, 1kHz, T.H.D.: 0.05%, 2-channel operation). To ensure excellent performance, minimal distortion occurs across all frequencies. Additionally, there is little change in frequency characteristics due to speaker impedance. This system is combined with a high-speed preamplifier circuit with an HDAM for accurate reproduction of the fine nuances of DSD and high-resolution audio sources.

Current feedback amplifier

This unit has a high-speed current feedback amplifier circuit for accurate amplification of signals from HD audio devices such as Blu-ray disc players. The high-speed current feedback amplifier also achieves natural sound field reproduction.

High audio quality parts

Each part of the circuit is designed to ensure high audio quality, including high audio quality MELF resistance and an electrolytic capacitor.

Double-layered chassis

High-end machined brass speaker jacks

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