Power does not turn on / Power is turned off

Power does not turn on.

Check whether the power plug is correctly inserted into the power outlet. link

Power automatically turns off.

The auto standby function is set to “ON”. The unit enters standby after 15 minutes of no operation or input signal. To turn off the auto standby function, set the AUTO STANDBY selector to OFF. link

The unit immediately turns off when the power is turned on.

The protection circuit has been activated. Unplug the unit from the power outlet, leave it for at least 1 minute and then plug it back in. link

The power turns off and the protection circuit indicator shows one long blink and four short blinks in orange.

The protection circuit has been activated due to a rise in temperature within this unit. Turn the power off, wait about an hour until this unit cools down sufficiently, and then turn the power on again. link

Please re-install this unit in a place having good ventilation.

Use speakers that have the specified impedance. link

Check the speaker connections. The protection circuit may have been activated because speaker cable core wires came in contact with each other or a core wire was disconnected from the connector and came in contact with the rear panel of this unit. After unplugging the power cord, take corrective action such as firmly re-twisting the core wire or taking care of the connector, and then reconnect the wire. link

Turn the volume down on the amp connected to this unit, and insert the power plug again.

The power turns off and the protection circuit indicator shows one long blink and five short blink in orange

The protective circuit has operated. In this case, remove the power plug from the wall socket, re-examine the installation conditions of this unit, and check the speaker cable connections. If the same situation occurs when the power is switched on again, contact the Marantz Service Center.

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