High performance


You can choose between two input channels: UNBALANCED RCA input or BALANCED XLR input.

BI-AMP/BTL connection setting function

You can set a bi-amp connection and BTL connection for the power amplifier of each of the two channels without needing to connect an additional cable from the preamplifier.

The BI-AMP connection prevents interference from counter-electromotive force as the woofer and tweeter are powered by separate power amplifiers. The BTL (Bridge) connection achieves a high drive performance as the positive and negative terminals of the speakers are directly powered according to the output levels of the power amplifier. Additionally, the drive current of the speakers does not directly enter the ground circuit. This stabilizes the ground potential that the amplitude is based on, reducing noise and interference between circuits to achieve an accurate amplitude.

AMP CONTROL function

By connecting this unit to a Marantz AV 10 Preamplifier with an AMP CONTROL jack using the included cable, you can control operation of both units simultaneously, such as controlling the power or the illumination display settings. The connection to the AV 10 is a ground floating connection that does not create an earth loop, minimizing adverse impacts on audio quality.

Other Functions

Equipped with IR flash input that supports custom installations, and DC trigger input and output terminals.

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