Changing the settings

Set the items below to the settings you want to register.

The following settings from sanwacirnumw_1 to sanwacirnumw_8 can be memorized for MAIN ZONE, and settings sanwacirnumw_1 and sanwacirnumw_2 can be memorized for ZONE2.

Press and hold SMART SELECT while a radio station is being received or a track is being played back with any of the following sources, the current radio station or track is memorized.

Tuner / Internet Radio / Media Server / Pandora / SiriusXM / Favorites / iPod/USB

Press MAIN or ZONE2 to select the operating zone with the remote control.

The button for the selected zone is lit.

Press and hold the desired SMART SELECT until “Smart Flower Mark Memory” or “Z2 Smart Flower Mark Memory” appear on the display.

The current settings will be memorized.

Flower Mark is displayed the number for the SMART SELECT button you pressed.

Changing the Smart Select Name

The MAIN ZONE Smart Select name displayed on the TV screen or display of this unit can be changed to a different name.

For the name change method, see “Smart Select Names”link.

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