F.C.B.S. connection

The Marantz F.C.B.S. (Floating Control Bus System) is the high quality sound system for link control between multiple PM-10 units (up to 4 units). Each unit is controlled via its ID number registered beforehand.

The ID numbers need to be set to an operating unit (master) and a subordinate unit (slave) receiving the command from the master. For slave units, register ID numbers in the order of command reception from the master.

Once registered the ID numbers, the units will enable link control operations such as input selection, volume control, on/off selection of muting, display, etc.

Furthermore, F.C.B.S. connection of multiple units has the feature that switches this unit's output from stereo to monaural so that the unit can works as a monaural output amplifier. Follow the respective instructions to make the necessary settings.

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