Connecting a DAB/FM antenna

After connecting the antenna and receiving a DAB signal, find the position at which the reception is best using the “Tuning Aid” function, then fix the antenna with tape at that position. Please follow the instruction Checking the reception intensity of stations (Tuning Aid)link to achieve the best result.

Conne ANT DAB N1200N

For best results with the supplied indoor antenna, orient the antenna along a wall such that it is stretched out horizontally and parallel to the floor (but above the floor), and then fasten the two end tabs to the wall. This type of antenna is directional and best results will be obtained when it is correctly oriented toward the transmitting location.

For example, if the transmission tower is to the north, then the two ends of the antenna (with the tabs) should be stretched toward west and east.

If you are unable to receive a good broadcast signal, we recommend installing an outdoor antenna. For details, inquire at the retail store where you purchased the unit.

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