Applying media sharing settings

Here, we apply the settings to share music files stored on a PC and NAS on the network.

If you are using a Media Server, be sure to apply this setting first.

Windows Media Player 12
(Windows 7 / Windows 8)


Perform this procedure after changing the control panel display to “Category”.

Start up Windows Media Player 12 on the PC.
Select “More streaming options...” in the “Stream”.
Select “Allowed” in the drop-down list for “Marantz NA8005”.
Select “Allowed” in the drop-down list for “Media programs on this PC and remote connections...”.
Follow the screen instructions to end the setting.

When using Windows Media Player 11

Start up Windows Media Player 11 on the PC.
Select “Media Sharing” in the “Library”.
Click the “Share my media” check box, select “Marantz NA8005”, and then click “Allow”.
As you did in step 3, select the icon of the device (other PCs and mobile devices) you want to use as a media controller, and then click “Allow”.
Click “OK” to finish.

Sharing media stored in NAS

Change settings on the NAS to allow this unit and other devices (PCs and mobile devices) used as media controllers to access the NAS. For details, see the owner’s manual that came with the NAS.

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