Skipping tracks you don’t want to hear (Delete program playback)

A maximum of 25 tracks can be programmed for delete program playback.

During stop mode, press PROG, and then press CLEAR.

“Delete Program” is displayed on the display.

Use 0 – 9 to select the tracks you want to skip.

Bracket Open Example Bracket Close

If you want to skip the 3rd and 12th tracks, press 3 and then press 1 and 2.

Press Triangle Right .

Playback starts, and the selected tracks are skipped.

Checking details of the delete program

In the stop mode, press Skip-Right .

The skipped tracks are shown in order in the display each time Skip-Right is pressed.

To clear the last delete program track

In the stop mode, press CLEAR.

The last track in the delete program is cleared.

The last track set in the delete program is cleared in order each time CLEAR is pressed.

Clearing the all delete program tracks

In the stop mode, press PROG.

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