I want to enjoy analog output audio at higher quality

Set Audio EX which turns digital output and the display off. link

I want to display CD-TEXT

This unit is compatible with CD-TEXT. Press the INFO button to switch the displayed information. link

I want to skip tracks on a CD

Select the tracks that you want to skip in delete program playback mode. link

I want to repeatedly listen to a specific section

Set A-B repeat playback. link

I want to playback just the specified folder

The MODE button to set the playback range to “Folder mode”. link

I want to change the playback speed of a CD

This unit is equipped with a pitch control function. Press the PITCH CONTROL + or - button on the remote control unit to change the playback speed. link

I want to use this unit’s remote control to operate a Marantz network audio player

Press the REMOTE MODE NET button on the remote control unit to switch the remote control unit to the network audio player operation mode. link

Also, refer to the instruction manual of the network audio player.

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