HEOS Account

HEOS Accounts can be registered in “HEOS Account”link in the menu of this unit or by tapping “Music” tab - “Settings” icon setting in the HEOS App.

What is a HEOS Account?

A HEOS Account is master account or “keychain” for managing all of your HEOS music services with one single username and password.

Why do I need a HEOS Account?

With the HEOS Account you just have to enter your music services login names and passwords one time. This allows you to easily and quickly use multiple controller apps on different devices.

You just log into your HEOS Account on any device and you will have access to all of your associated music services, play history and custom playlists, even if you are at a friend’s house listening to music on their HEOS system.

Signing up for a HEOS Account

You will be instructed to signup for a HEOS Account the first time you try to access any music service from the main “Music” menu of the HEOS App.

Changing your HEOS Account

Tap the “Music” tab.
Select the Settings icon setting in the upper left corner of the screen.
Select “HEOS Account”.
Change your location, change your password, delete your account or sign out of your account.

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