When using HDMI ZONE2, the devices does not function properly

When using MAIN ZONE, video output is interrupted in HDMI ZONE2.

With the same input source selected for MAIN ZONE and ZONE2, when you operate MAIN ZONE, video may be interrupted in HDMI ZONE2.

When using HDMI ZONE2, no video or audio is output from the TV in ZONE2.

Check that the power is on for ZONE2. link

Check the input source for ZONE2. link

The AUX1-HDMI connector on the front panel does not support the HDMI ZONE2 function.

In ZONE2, playback is only possible when the input signals are HDMI signals.

When the TV does not support the input audio format, audio is not output. Set the audio format to “PCM” on the playback device. Alternatively, set “ZONE2 Setup” - “HDMI Audio” in the menu to “PCM”. link

When the TV is not compatible with the resolution of the input video, no video is output. Set the output resolution on the playback device to a resolution that is compatible with the TV.

When using HDMI ZONE2, MAIN ZONE audio is played back as PCM.

When the same input source is selected for MAIN ZONE and ZONE2, the audio format is limited according to the specifications of the TV in ZONE2.

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