Speaker connection

Here we connect the speakers in the room to this unit.

This section explains how to connect them using typical examples.


Disconnect this unit’s power plug from the power outlet before connecting the speakers. Also, turn off the subwoofer.

Connect so that the speaker cable core wires do not protrude from the speaker terminal. The protection circuit may be activated if the core wires touch the rear panel or if the + and - sides touch each other. (Protection circuitlink)

Never touch the speaker terminals while the power cord is connected. Doing so could result in electric shock. When the “Setup Assistant” (page 8 in the separate “Quick Start Guide”) is running, follow the instructions in the “Setup Assistant” screen for making connections. (Power is not supplied to the speaker terminals while the “Setup Assistant” is running.)

Use speakers with an impedance of 4 – 16 Ω/ohms.


Carry out the following settings when using a speaker with an impedance of 4 – 6 Ω/ohms.

Press and hold the main unit’s TUNER PRESET CH + and STATUS at the same time for at least 3 seconds.

“V.Format:< PAL>” appears on the display.

Press DIMMER on the main unit twice.

“Sp.Imp.:<8ohms>” appears on the display.

Press TUNER PRESET CH + or TUNER PRESET CH - on the main unit to select the impedance.


Select when the impedance for any of the connected speakers is 6 Ω/ohms.


Select when the impedance for any of the connected speakers is 4 Ω/ohms.

Press the main unit’s STATUS to complete the setting.

Connecting the speaker cables

Carefully check the left (L) and right (R) channels and + (red) and – (black) polarities on the speakers being connected to this unit, and be sure to connect the channels and polarities correctly.

Peel off about 10 mm of sheathing from the tip of the speaker cable, then either twist the core wire tightly or terminate it.
Turn the speaker terminal counterclockwise to loosen it.
Connection-spCable2 NR1605U
Insert the speaker cable’s core wire to the hilt into the speaker terminal.
Connection-spCable3 NR1605U
Turn the speaker terminal clockwise to tighten it.
Connection-spCable4 NR1605U

Connecting the subwoofer

Use a subwoofer cable to connect the subwoofer. Two subwoofers can be connected to this unit.

The same signal is output from the respective subwoofer terminals.

Conne SW2 1506U

About the cable label (supplied) for channel identification

The channel display section for speaker terminals on the rear panel is color-coded for each channel to be identifiable.

Attach the cable label corresponding to each speaker to each speaker cable. This makes it easy to connect the correct cable to the speaker terminals on the rear panel.










Light blue





Attach the cable label for each channel to its speaker cable as shown in the diagram.

Refer to the table and attach the label to each speaker cable.

Then, make connection so that the color of the speaker terminal matches that of the cable label.

Bracket Open How to attach the cable label Bracket Close

Pict SP CableLabel 1506

Standard connection

This serves as a basic 5.1-channel surround system.

Pict AmpAssign 5.1
Conne SP 5.1 1506U

Connecting a front speaker that uses a power amplifier

This unit supports connection of a front speaker that uses an external power amplifier to increase its output.
Connect a separately sold power amplifier to the PRE OUT (FL/FR) connector of this unit.

Conne Front Sp 1506N

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