About the Bi-Amp connection

Some audiophile loudspeakers can be connected to an amplifier with two separate amp-to-speaker connections per each speaker. One amplifier channel’s output is hooked up to the speaker’s bass driver (woofer), while the other amplifier drives the upper range transducers (tweeter, or in some cases midrange and tweeter). This connection method has one amplifier channel driving one half of the bi-amp speaker, and avoids electrical interference between the speaker’s bass and treble drivers and the driving amplifier channels. You can assign 4 amp channels to connect to one pair of bi-amp capable speakers. Bi-amp capable speakers always have two sets of speaker input connector pairs, one for the bass range and one for the treble range. If you’re unsure about whether or not your speakers are bi-amp capable, consult the owner’s manual that came with the speakers.

Conne MCR611 BiAmp

When using this connection, also set “Bi-Amp” in the menu to “Enable”. link


When making bi-amp connections, be sure to remove the short-circuiting plate or wire between the speaker’s woofer and tweeter terminals.

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