I want to play TV audio at higher quality

Connect the digital audio output connector of the TV to the digital audio input connector (COAXIAL, OPTICAL 1 or OPTICAL 2) of this unit, and switch the input source to the connected (COAXIAL, OPTICAL 1 or OPTICAL 2) connector. link

Only 2-channel linear PCM can be input as the digital audio signal to this unit.

I want to adjust the tone myself

Use the BASS, TREBLE and BALANCE knobs to adjust the sound as desired. link

I want sound playback that is faithful to the original sound

Set the source direct mode on. link

I want to switch the filter to change the desired sound quality

Switch the filter characteristics. link

I want to use bi-wiring compatible speakers

This unit is compatible with bi-wiring connections. Enjoy high quality playback by using bi-wiring connections. link

I want to operate a Marantz CD player or network audio player using the remote control of this unit

Switch the remote control operating mode. (CD player operationslink, Network audio player operationslink) Also refer to the CD player or network audio player instruction manuals.

I want to use more than one unit in one location

Set individual remote control codes for each combination of devices and remote control. link

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