Connecting and playing back from a digital device (Coaxial/Optical)

Connect digital device to this unit. link
Press the input source select button (COAXIAL or OPTICAL) to switch the input source to COAXIAL, OPTICAL 1 or OPTICAL 2.

The indicator of the selected input source lights in blue.

Pressing OPTICAL changes the input source to “OPTICAL 1” or “OPTICAL 2”.

Start playback of the digital device connected to this unit.

The “COAXIAL”, “OPTICAL 1” or “OPTICAL 2” input indicator flashes in blue if this unit cannot detect the sampling frequency of the input signal.

Use VOLUME kurosankaku Sankaku-Reverse to adjust the volume.

Switching the filter characteristics

This unit is equipped with a sound quality adjusting function which allows users to enjoy the desired playback sound quality. This function only works when a digital audio signal is input.

Press FILTER 1・2.

This unit switches between Filter 1 and Filter 2 each time the button is pressed.

Filter Type



Filter 1

Lights blue

Offers a short impulse response for both pre-echo and post-echo. Large amount of audio information clearly reproduces deep stereo imaging and the relative position of the sound source.

Filter 2

Lights purple

Both pre-echo and post-echo are slightly longer. The sound characteristics is edge and powerful.

The FILTER 1・2 indicator lights only when the input source is “COAXIAL”, “OPTICAL 1” or “OPTICAL 2”.

Specifications of supported audio formats

If the sampling frequency switches, the sound may be cut for 1–2 seconds.


Do not input non-PCM signals, such as Dolby Digital, DTS and AAC. This causes noise and could damage the speakers.

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