High performance

Equipped with a USB-DAC function to support playback of high-resolution sound sources

This unit supports the playback of high resolution audio formats such as DSD (2.8/5.6 MHz) and PCM files up to 192 kHz/24 bits. It provides high quality playback of high resolution files.


You can play back PCM signals up to 192 kHz/24 bits by inputting digital audio signals from an external device into this unit.

Plays USB memory devices (MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV) and iPod®/iPhone®

You can play back audio files stored on a USB memory device or iPod/iPhone by connecting the USB memory device or iPod/iPhone to the USB port.

Peripheral circuitry off function minimizes audio output signal interference

In order to minimize noise from peripheral circuitry which could interfere with the analog audio signal, this unit is equipped with a peripheral circuitry off function which turns off the display.

Equipped with variable audio output connectors

In addition to the normal fixed audio output connectors, this unit is equipped with variable audio output connectors that cooperate with the volume of this unit. These can be connected to the Power Amplifier to adjust the volume.

iPod® auto detect charges your device even after the unit switches to standby mode link

Equipped with auto standby mode function that reduces power consumption

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