High quality sound

Large-capacitance block capacitor

A large capacitance 3,300 μF capacitor carefully selected for its acoustic characteristics is incorporated into the power supply circuit.

Audiophile-grade film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors

The unit’s features the same audiophile-grade film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors specifically used in top-range models.

Low noise amp due differential input HDAM, and equipped with a low distortion filter circuit due to high speed HDAM®SA2 delivery amp

Double-layered chassis

High-grade machined analog audio output connectors

High grade headphone circuit

This unit has a two-amplifier structure based on the design concept of luxury models, comprising a current feedback voltage amplifier using the HDAM®SA2 and a feedbackless Darlington power buffer. This allows higher speeds without creating dynamic strain in response to impedance changes in the headphones.

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