Listening to DAB broadcasts

Press TUNER to switch the input source to “Tuner”.

The option menu screen is displayed.

Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select “FM/DAB”, then press ENTER.

This displays the reception band input screen.

Use White-Arrow-Left White-Arrow-Right to select “DAB”, then press ENTER.


When listening to an FM broadcast.


When listening to a DAB broadcast.

Automatically scans for DAB stations when DAB is selected for the first time after purchase.

Bracket Open TV screen Bracket Close

GUI Tuner DAB S55N

Bracket Open Display of this unit Bracket Close

Disp 01 DAB Station1
Press TUNE + or TUNE – to select the station you want listen to.

Operation buttons


TUNE +, –

Selects the radio station (up/down)

CH/PAGE  kurosankaku   Sankaku-Reverse

Selects preset radio stations

shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse

Selects the radio station (up/down)

White-Arrow-Left White-Arrow-Right

Selects preset radio stations

Operations accessible through the option menu

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