Picture Adjust

Picture quality can be adjusted.

This can be set when the “Video Conversion” setting is “On”. link

This can be set when “HDMI”, “COMP” or “VIDEO” is assigned for each input source. link

“Contrast”, “Brightness”, “Saturation”, “Noise Reduction” and “Enhancer” can be set when “Picture Mode” is set to “Custom”. link

“Picture Adjust” settings are stored for each input source.

“Picture Adjust” cannot be set when 4K or 8K signals are input.

“Picture Adjust” can be set for devices connected to HDMI connectors 1 to 4.

Picture Mode

Select the desired picture mode according to the video content and your viewing environment.


The standard mode suited for most living room viewing environments.


A mode suited for watching movies in a dark room such as a theater room.


A mode that makes graphic images for games, etc. brighter and more vivid.


A mode suited for low bit rate video sources.

ISF Day:

A mode suited for watching movies in a bright room during the day.

ISF Night:

A mode suited for watching movies in a dark room at night.


Adjusts the picture quality manually.


No picture quality adjustment is done with this unit.

The two special adjustment modes, “ISF Day” and “ISF Night”, should be used by a certified technician to adjust the color calibration to match the installation conditions.
We recommend that the settings and adjustments be carried out by an ISF-certified technician.

These settings can also be configured using “Picture Mode” in the option menu. link


Adjust picture contrast.

-50 – +50 (Default : 0)


Adjust picture brightness.

-50 – +50 (Default : 0)


Adjust picture chroma level (color saturation).

-50 – +50 (Default : 0)

Noise Reduction

Reduce overall video noise.

Low / Medium / High / Off (Default : Off)


Emphasize picture sharpness.

0 – +12 (Default : 0)

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