iPod Browse Mode settings

In this mode, various lists and screens during playback on the iPod are displayed on the TV screen.

This section describes the steps up to playing back tracks on the iPod in “On-Screen”.

Press OPTION when the input source is “iPod/USB”.

The option menu screen is displayed.

Select “iPod Browse Mode”, then press ENTER.

The “iPod Browse Mode” screen is displayed.

Use White-Arrow-Left White-Arrow-Right to select “On-Screen”, then press ENTER.

Operations available for “On-Screen” and “From iPod” are listed below.

iPod Browse Mode

From iPod


Playable files

Music file



Video file

Active buttons

Remote control unit (This unit)





∗Only the sound is played.

Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse   White-Arrow-Right to select the file to be played, then press ENTER.

Playback starts.

Operation buttons


Operation buttons


Triangle Right / Pause

Playback / Pause

Skip-Left Skip-Right

Skip to previous track / Skip to next track

(Press and hold) Fast-reverse/Fast-forward


Playback / Pause

(Press and hold) Stop

shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse

Skip to previous track / Skip to next track

(Press and hold) Fast-reverse / Fast-forward

CH/PAGE  kurosankaku   Sankaku-Reverse

Switch to the previous page/next page in the list display

The actions of the operation buttons may differ.

The display switches between track title, artist name, and album title etc. each time the main unit’s STATUS is pressed during playback with “iPod Browse Mode” set to “On-Screen”.

English letters, numbers and certain symbols are displayed. Incompatible characters are displayed as “.” (period).

Operations accessible through the option menu

This can be operated when the “iPod Browse Mode” is set to “On-Screen”. link

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