High quality sound

Toroidal transformer

This unit features a toroidal transformer that produces less vibration and magnetic leakage flux compared to conventional power transformers. The materials and manufacturing process of the ring-shaped core are strictly controlled to reduce vibration, while the short-ring attached to the perimeter of the transformer reduce magnetic leakage flux.

Large-capacitance block capacitor

A large capacitance 4700 μF capacitor carefully selected for its acoustic characteristics is incorporated into the power supply circuit.

Audiophile-grade film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors

The unit’s features the same audiophile-grade film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors specifically used in top-range models.

Low-noise low-distortion filter circuit and highspeed HDAM®SA3-type output amplifier

Double-layered chassis

High-grade machined analog audio output connectors

High grade headphone circuit

The high-grade headphone circuit incorporates HDAM®SA2 amplifier to enable headphone listening of high quality sound reproduction, late at night or in other such situations.

Isolation design

To prevent audio quality from degrading due to noise from external devices when this unit is connected to external devices such as computers, the ground circuit for the Digital input interface device is isolated from the audio circuit.

Optical Drive off design

When USB-DAC, Coaxial or Optical input is selected, this unit achieves high quality sound by turning off the drive.

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