I want to switch the filter to change the desired sound quality

Switch the filter characteristics. link

I want to enjoy analog output audio at higher quality

Turn the display off to reduce the effects of the display and display circuit on the analog audio output signal. link

Turn the digital output off to reduce the effects of the digital audio output circuit on the analog audio output signal. link

The headphones circuit operation can be stopped to minimize noise from the headphones circuit which could interfere with the analog audio output signal. Set “Off” to the “Phones”. link

I want to turn the illumination lamp off

Change the settings so that the illumination lamp is always off. link

I want to display Super Audio CD text

This unit supports Super Audio CD text. Press the INFO button to switch the display information. link

I want to play the multi-channel area of a Super Audio CD is played

This unit can play multi-channel audio by downmixing to two channels. Press the SOUND MODE button and set “MULTI”. link

I want to play all tracks on a DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW or CD-R/-RW at random

Random playback can be set by pressing the MODE/TRIM button and setting “All Mode” as the playback mode before playback. link

I want to playback just the specified folder

The MODE/TRIM button to set the playback range to “Folder mode”. (link, link)

I want to stop the USB memory device from automatically starting playback

Set “Off” to the “Resume Play”. link

I want to use this unit’s remote control to operate a Marantz amplifier

Press the REMOTE MODE AMP button to switch the remote control to the amplifier operating mode. link

Also, refer to the instruction manual of the amplifier.

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