Switching the function of the volume buttons on the remote control

The operation mode of the included remote control can be switched to enable audio adjustment on the main unit if the main unit analog audio output (VARIABLE) is connected to the power amp.
There are two remote control operation modes, “Amplifier Operation Mode” and “Network Audio Player Operation Mode”.
Adjust the Marantz amplifier volume from Amplifier Operation Mode.
Adjust the volume of the audio signal output from the analog audio output (VARIABLE) of the main unit from Network Audio Player Operation Mode.
The default setting is Amplifier Operation Mode.

Remote control unit illustration

Ope Remocon mode RC005NA

Be sure to check the operation of each unit after setting the remote control operation modes.

Switch between the remote control operation mode settings by pressing the VOLUME kurosankaku Sankaku-Reverse and MUTE Silent buttons.

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