I want to switch the filter to change the desired sound quality

Switch the filter characteristics. link

I want to enjoy analog output audio at higher quality

Press the DIG. OUT button on the remote control unit to turn digital audio output off. link

Press the DIMMER button to turn the display off. link

The headphones circuit operation can be stopped to minimize noise from the headphones circuit which could interfere with the analog audio output signal. Set “Off” to the “Phones”. link

I want to listen to high sound performance playback

The Wi-Fi function can be stopped to prevent noise that affects the sound quality. Set “Disabled” to the “Wi-Fi”. link

Stopping Bluetooth function reduces a source of noise that affects sound quality, enabling higher sound quality playback. Set “Disabled” to the “Bluetooth”. link

You can stop the circuit that outputs audio from the analog audio output terminals (VARIABLE) of this unit. This prevents the audio signal output from the analog audio output terminals (FIXED) from being affected. Set “Off” to the “Variable Out”. link

Simple operations in the power off state

Press the Triangle Right / Pause button to automatically turn the unit’s power supply on and start playback of the last selected input source.

When the “Network Control” function is set to “On”, you can perform playback, or other operations through AirPlay or HEOS App. link

I want to connect a power amplifier to this unit

A power amplifier can be connected to the analog audio output connectors (VARIABLE) on the rear panel. Set “Variable Out” to “On” in the menu and set the remote control operation mode of the volume buttons on the remote control to network audio player operation mode to adjust the volume of the audio signal output from the analog audio output connectors (VARIABLE) using the remote control.

I want the volume not to become too loud by mistake

Set the volume upper limit for “Volume Limit” in the menu beforehand. This prevents children or others from increasing the volume too much by mistake. link

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