Speaker Config

The speaker output characteristics are changed and settings are configured according to your speakers.

Amplifier Mode

This unit is loaded with 4 channels of output (SPEAKERS A (L/R), SPEAKERS B (L/R)), for a maximum of two sets of speakers that support a variety of playback methods. Connect and set up the speakers for your preferred playback method in advance.


When either SPEAKERS A terminals or SPEAKERS B terminals are connected (Connecting speaker A (Standard connection)link, Connecting speaker Blink) and when both SPEAKERS A and B terminals are connected as 2 sets of speakers in a multi-drive connection, set link.


Enables the bi-amp function. Set when bi-amp is connected. link


Switches the frequency characteristics of the speaker output. Set as desired.


Properties are flat.


Cuts low frequencies 40 Hz or under by
–12 dB/oct.


Cuts low frequencies 60 Hz or under by
–12 dB/oct.


Cuts low frequencies 80 Hz or under by
–12 dB/oct.


Cuts low frequencies 100 Hz or under by –12 dB/oct.

When the “Speaker Config” - “Amplifier Mode” setting is “Standard”, SPEAKERS A/B terminals can be set individually.

The “Response” setting is not reflected in headphones, audio or subwoofer output.

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