Remote control unit

Name RC002HD 01

DIMMER button

Adjust the display brightness of this unit. link

Input source select buttons

These select the input source. link

Skip buttons ( Skip-Left , Skip-Right )

This skips to the start of the track. Press and hold to fast-forward/fast reverse.

RANDOM button ( Icon RANDOM )

Switches the random playback.

MODE button

This switches the playback mode.

Name RC002HD 02

Information button (INFO)

This switches display items such as the album name and title name in the playback screen.

Cursor buttons ( shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse White-Arrow-Left   White-Arrow-Right )

These select items.

BACK button

Returns to the previous item. link

POWER button ( Power Button )

This turns the power on/off (standby). link

Play/pause button ( Triangle Right / Pause )

Plays back or pauses a track.

Name RC002HD 03

REPEAT button ( Repeat )

Switches the repeat playback.

Stop button ( Square Black )

Stops playback.

VOLUME buttons ( kurosankaku Sankaku-Reverse )

These adjust the volume level. link

MUTE button ( Silent )

This mutes the output audio. link

ENTER button

This determines the selection. link

SETUP button

The setting menu is displayed on the display. link

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