Smart Menu function

This function can be used to configure the settings of this unit, select an input source and set Tuner and Internet Radio stations using the TV remote control.

Enable the HDMI Control function of this unit and the TV. link
Set “Smart Menu” to “On” on this unit. link
Select “AV Receiver” in a TV menu such as “Input” Flower Mark or “Operate Connected HDMI Device” Flower Mark .

The Smart Menu of this unit is displayed on the TV.

This unit can be operated with the TV remote control while the Smart Menu is displayed.

The selection method differs depending on your TV.

GUI SmartMenu Hi Mz

Now Playing

Enjoy content from the input source currently selected on this unit.


Switch the input of this unit.

If you select “Online Music” or “Tuner”, you can continue to operate this unit using the TV remote control.

Sound Mode

Change the sound mode of this unit.

You can select from the following three sound modes.


Surround sound playback according to the input signal.


Stereo playback.

Multi Ch Stereo:

Multi-channel stereo playback.

Setup Menu

Displays a setup menu for configuring the settings of this unit.

Smart Select

Calls up the SMART SELECT items registered to this unit.


If the “HDMI Control” or “Smart Menu” settings have been changed, always reset the power to connected devices after the change.

The Smart Menu function may not work properly depending on the specifications of your TV. In this case, set “Smart Menu” to “Off”. link

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