Music files on PC or Mac cannot be played back (USB-DAC)

This unit is not recognized on the computer.

Reconnect the USB cable to the USB port on your computer. When this unit is still not recognized after reconnection, connect to a different USB port. link

Restart your computer.

Check the OS of your computer. link

When your computer is running on Windows, a dedicated driver software should be installed. link

This unit is not selected as the playback device.

Select this unit as the playback device in the sound settings on the computer. link

“Signal Unlock” is displayed.

When digital audio signals cannot be detected properly, “Signal Unlock” is displayed. link

“Unsupported” is displayed.

“Unsupported” is displayed when audio signals that are not supported by this unit are input. Check the settings on your computer or player software. link

If the computer you use is macOS, please check if the SACD 30n format is set below 384000.0 Hz using the Audio MIDI Setup. link

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