The following functions can be used when this unit is connected to a Marantz amplifier.

Controlling the amplifier through this unit using the HEOS app

Synchronizing the power operations of this unit and the amplifier

Turning on the power to this unit turns on the power to the amplifier and switches the amplifier input source to “CD”.

Switching this unit to standby mode also switches the amplifier to standby mode.

Transmitting remote control signals received by the amplifier to this unit and controlling this unit

Next, configure the “Connection” and “Setting”.

Some operations may not be possible on some Marantz amplifiers.


Use the supplied remote connector cable to connect the REMOTE CONTROL IN connector of this unit to REMOTE CONTROL OUT connector of the amplifier.


Turn the EXTERNAL/INTERNAL switch on the unit to “EXTERNAL”.

This setting will disable remote sensor reception of this unit.

To operate the unit, point the remote control at the remote sensor of the amplifier.

To use this unit by itself without connecting an amplifier, turn the switch to “INTERNAL”.


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