Playing CDs and Super Audio CDs

Press CD to switch the input source to “CD”.
Press Button_Triangle Underline Mz to insert a disc. link

You can also open/close the disc tray by pressing Button_Triangle Underline Mz on the unit.

You can also close the disc tray by pressing Button_PlayPause Mz . This automatically starts playback.

When playing back a Super Audio CD, press OPTION to set the playback layer.


Plays back the 2-channel area of the Super Audio CD.


Plays back the multi-channel area of the Super Audio CD.

The analog output of this unit outputs a down-mixed 2-channel signal.


Plays back the CD layer of the Super Audio CD.

If this operation is not performed, reading begins automatically based on the top priority playback layer setting. link

Press Button_PlayPause Mz .

The Triangle Right indicator lights on the display. Playback starts.


Do not place any foreign objects in the disc tray. Doing so could damage the unit.

Do not push the disc tray in by hand when the power is turned off. Doing so could damage the unit.

Operation buttons


Operation buttons


Button_PlayPause Mz

Playback / Pause

Button_Square White Mz


Button_Skip Left Mz Button_Skip Right Mz

Skip to previous track / Skip to next track

(Press and hold) Fast-reverse / Fast-forward

0 – 9

Select the track


Random playback


Repeat playback

Switching between All-track repeat and Single-track repeat.


Time display switching

Switching between elapsed time of the current track, remaining time of the current track and remaining time of all tracks.

The time displayed on this unit may differ from this actual time, as it is calculated by truncating to the nearest 1 second.

Text information recorded on the Super Audio CD appears in the display.


Switching the playback layer of the Super Audio CD

Switching the display

Press INFO.

Displays text and time information stored on media.

The text information is only displayed for Super Audio CD.

The player can display the following characters:




! ” # $ % & : ; < > ? @ \ [ ] _ ` l { } ~ ^ ’( ) * + , - . / = (space)

Discs that can be played back

Playing a specific track (Direct searching)

Use 0 – 9 to select the tracks.

Bracket Open Example Bracket Close

Track 4 : Press number 4 to select track 4.

Track 12 :Press numbers 1 and 2 consecutively to select track 12.

The number you enter is set about 1.5 seconds after you press the number buttons. To enter a two-digit number, be sure to press the two number buttons, one immediately after the other.

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