Operations cannot be performed through the remote control unit

Operations cannot be performed through the remote control unit.

Batteries are worn out. Replace with new batteries. link

Operate the remote control unit within a distance of about 7 m from this unit and at an angle of within 30°. link

Remove any obstacle between this unit and the remote control unit.

Insert the batteries in the proper direction, checking the Thread-Plus and Tread-Minus marks. link

The set’s remote control sensor is exposed to strong light (direct sunlight, inverter type fluorescent bulb light, etc.). Move the set to a place in which the remote control sensor will not be exposed to strong light.

When using a 3D video device, the remote control unit of this unit may not function due to effects of infrared communications between units (such as TV and glasses for 3D viewing). In this case, adjust the direction of units with the 3D communications function and their distance to ensure they do not affect operations from the remote control unit of this unit.

The remote control code of the volume buttons on the remote control (VOLUME kurosankaku Sankaku-Reverse and MUTE Silent ) is set to the mode for operating a Marantz Network CD player. If the volume of this unit cannot be adjusted using the remote control, press and hold ENTER and the number 2 button together for 5 seconds or more to change the remote control code to AMP operation mode.

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