Playing files stored on USB memory devices

Press iPod/USB to switch the input source to “iPod/USB”.
Connect the USB memory device to the USB port. link
Press MODE to select “Folder” or “All”.

About the display

When “Folder” is selected

All the files in the selected folder are played.

When “All” is selected

After the selected folder and files are played, all the files in all the folders are played.

Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select the file or folder, then press ENTER.
Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select the file, then press ENTER.

Playback starts.

Resume function

This unit stores the point at which playback of a file was stopped.

Resume playback works even if the USB memory device is disconnected and then reconnected. However, if a different USB memory device is connected, the resume information for the previous USB memory device is deleted.

The resume information may be deleted when the USB memory device is removed and files are added or deleted.

Press Square Black while playback is stopped to delete the resume information. “Resume Off” is displayed.


Do not remove the USB memory device from the unit when the USB memory communication indicator is flashing. Doing so may damage the USB memory device, or may corrupt the files recorded on the USB memory device.

Note that Marantz will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any problems arising with the data on a USB memory device when using this unit in conjunction with the USB memory device.

USB operation

Operation buttons



Switch to Folder playback mode

Switching between “Folder” or “All” mode.


Text information display

Text information recorded on the media is displayed.

shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse White-Arrow-Left   White-Arrow-Right

Select the item

Skip-Left , Skip-Right

Skip search (cue)

Skip-Left , Skip-Right (Press and hold)

Manual search (fast-reverse/fast-forward)

Triangle Right / Pause

Playback / Pause

Square Black



Repeat playback link

Switching between All-track repeat and Single-track repeat.


Random playbacklink

Files that can be played back

Switching the display

During playback, press INFO.

This switches between the file name, title name, artist name, album name and file number.

While a WAV file is being played back, only the file name is displayed.

The player can display the following characters:




! ” # $ % & : ; < > ? @ \ [ ] _ ` l { } ~ ^ ’( ) * + , - . / = (space)

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