Error messages

An error message is displayed if Audyssey® Setup could not be completed due to speaker placement, the measurement environment, etc. If an error message is displayed, check the relevant items and perform the necessary measures. Be sure to turn off the power before checking speaker connections.


Error details


No speakers found.

Sound calibration microphone is not detected.

Connect the included Sound calibration microphone to the SETUP MIC jack of this unit.

Not all speakers could be detected.

Check the speaker connections.

Ambient noise is too high or level is too low

There is too much noise in the room.

Either turn off any device generating noise or move it away.

Perform again when the surroundings are quieter.

Speaker or subwoofer sound is too low.

Check the speaker installation and the direction in which the speakers are facing.

Adjust the subwoofer’s volume.

Front R : None

The displayed speaker could not be detected.

Check the connections of the displayed speaker.

Front R : Phase

The displayed speaker is connected with the polarity reversed.

Check the polarity of the displayed speaker.

For some speakers, this error message may be displayed even if the speaker is properly connected. If you are sure the connection is correct, press White-Arrow-Right to select “Ignore”, then press ENTER.

Subwoofer level error message and how to adjust

The optimal level of each subwoofer channel for Audyssey® Setup measurement is 75 dB.

During subwoofer level measurement, an error message is displayed when one level of subwoofers is outside the 72 – 78 dB range.

When using a subwoofer with built-in amplifier (active type), adjust the subwoofer volume so that the subwoofer level is within the 72 to 78 dB range.

Bracket Open Error message Bracket Close

GUI AudysseySubwoofer 6010
Select “SW Level Matching” and then press ENTER.
Adjust the volume control on your subwoofer so that the measured level is within the 72 to 78 dB range.
When the measured level is within the 72 to 78 dB range, select “Next” and then press ENTER.

If you use two subwoofers, the second subwoofer’s adjustment will be started. Repeat the operation from step 2, 3.

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