Connection for 5.1 Multi-channel Playback

Three PM-KI RUBY units can be connected by F.C.B.S. and used through linked operation. For details on F.C.B.S. connection, see “Examples of Connections” (link).

Connect the outputs of players that have 5.1 channel analog outputs to each of the three units.

If using an active subwoofer, see the instruction manual that came with the subwoofer for further instructions.

Set the ID numbers for the three amplifiers as explained in How to set ID number for

When the ID 1 unit is operated, ID 2 and ID 3 units will operate in sync.

Conne F.C.B.S multi PMKIRUBY

Speaker Positioning for Super Audio Multi-channel Sound

In order to enjoy Super Audio CD multi-channel sound with the best possible acoustics, it is recommended to position speakers as specified in ITU-R BS.775-1 of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Super Audio CD multichannel discs are recorded and mixed so as to achieve the optimum effect with a speaker system laid out as specified in ITU-R BS.775-1.

With Super Audio CD multi-channel discs, the music signals are basically recorded using 5 channels (3 - 6 channels sometimes), but in some cases, LFE (for subwoofer) is recorded as a sixth channel.

Each disc indicates how many channels have been recorded on it.

The basic layout is 3 speakers in the front and 2 in the back since multi-channel discs usually have 5 channels. The 2 front, 1 center and 2 surround (rear) speakers should be set in a circle around the listening point. If using speakers of differing sizes, adjust volume balance from the amplifier.

The location of the subwoofer in the figure is just for explanatory purposes. It can be located anywhere in the room. For connection and positioning instructions, see the instruction manual that came with the subwoofer.

Multi Speaker position ITU

ITU (International Telecommunication Union)

The ITU is a special organization of the United Nations. It consists of a number of organs, one of which is the Radio Broadcasting Section.

ITU-R BS in the recommendation which consists of standards relating to broadcasting (audio) operations, one of which is the ITU-R BS.775-1 which governs “multi-channel stereo sound systems”.

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