Graphic EQ

Uses the graphic equalizer to adjust the tone of each speaker.

Speakers for which “Graphic EQ” can be set differ according to the sound mode.

This can be set when “MultEQ®” setting is “Off”. link

This cannot be set when the sound mode is set to “Direct” or “Pure Direct”.

If you are using headphones, you can set the equalizer for headphones. link

Graphic EQ / Headphone EQ

Set whether to use the graphic equalizer or not.


Use the graphic equalizer.


Do not use the graphic equalizer.

“Headphone EQ” is set in the menu when headphones are used.

Speaker Selection

Select whether to adjust tones for individual speakers or for all speakers.


Adjust all speaker tones together.


Adjust the left and right speaker tones together.


Adjust the tone for each speaker.

Adjust EQ

Adjust tonal balance for each frequency band.

Select the speaker.
Select the adjustment frequency band.

63 Hz / 125 Hz / 250 Hz / 500 Hz / 1 kHz / 2 kHz / 4 kHz / 8 kHz / 16 kHz

Adjust the level.

–20.0 dB – +6.0 dB (Default: 0.0 dB)

Front Dolby and Surround Dolby speakers can only be set when 63 Hz/125 Hz/250 Hz/500 Hz/1 kHz.

Curve Copy

Copy the Flat correction curve created in Audyssey® Setup.

“Curve Copy” is displayed after Audyssey® Setup has been performed.

“Curve Copy” cannot be used when using headphones.

Set Defaults

The “Graphic EQ” settings are returned to the default settings.

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