Output Settings

Makes settings for video output.

This can be set when “HDMI”, “COMP” or “VIDEO” is assigned for each input source. link

“Resolution”, “Progressive Mode” and “Aspect Ratio” can be set when “i/p Scaler” is set to anything other than “Off”. (Resolutionlink, Progressive Modelink, Aspect Ratiolink)

“Output Settings” cannot be set when 4K signals are input.

“Video Conversion”, “i/p Scaler”, “Resolution”, “Progressive Mode” and “Aspect Ratio” settings are stored for each input source. (Video Conversionlink, i/p Scalerlink, Resolutionlink, Progressive Modelink, Aspect Ratiolink)

Video Mode

Configure the video processing method to match the type of video content.


Process video automatically based on the HDMI content information.


Always process video for game content. Minimize the video delay when the video is delayed compared to the button operations on the controller of the game console.


Perform image processing that is suitable for contents other than games.

If “Video Mode” is set to “Auto”, the mode is switched according to the input contents.

Video Conversion

The input video signal is converted automatically in conjunction with the connected TV. link


The input video signal is converted.


The input video signal is not converted.

i/p Scaler

Set the video input signal to be subjected to i/p Scaler processing.
i/p Scaler will convert the resolution of the input video signal to the value set in “Resolution”. link


Use i/p (interlace-to-progressive) scaler function for analog video signals.

Analog & HDMI:

Use i/p Scaler function for analog and HDMI video signal.


Use i/p Scaler function for HDMI video signals.


Do not use i/p Scaler function.


Set the output resolution. You can set “Resolution” separately for HDMI output of the analog video input and HDMI input.


The resolution supported by the TV connected to the HDMI MONITOR OUT connector is detected automatically and the appropriate output resolution is set.

480p/576p / 1080i / 720p / 1080p /
1080p:24Hz / 4K :

Set the output resolution.

When “i/p Scaler” is set to “Analog & HDMI”, the resolution of both the analog video input signal and HDMI input signal can be set. link

When set to “1080p:24Hz”, you can enjoy film-like pictures for film sources (in 24 Hz). For video sources and mixed sources, we recommend setting the resolution to “1080p”.

It is not possible to convert a 50 Hz signal into 1080p/24Hz. It is output at a resolution of 1080p/50Hz.

Progressive Mode

Set an appropriate progressive conversion mode for the source video signal.


The video signal is automatically detected and the appropriate mode is set.


Select mode suitable for video playback.

Video and Film:

Select mode suitable for video and 30-frame film material playback.

This item can be set when “i/p Scaler” is set to anything other than “Off”. link

Aspect Ratio

Set the aspect ratio for the video signals output to the HDMI.


Output at 16:9 aspect ratio.

4:3 :

Output at 4:3 aspect ratio with black bars on the sides of a 16:9 TV screen. (except for 480p/576p output)

This item can be set when “i/p Scaler” is set to anything other than “Off”. link

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